pH meter with memory – PCE-228 series

The pH meters of the PCE-228 series are the next expansion stage after the PCE-PH 20 pH meter. The pH meters are equipped with a display from which the measured value can be read well. The pH meters have a connection for an external temperature sensor, which takes over the automatic temperature compensation of the pH measured value. The gauges and pH electrodes are adjustable with the help of optional calibration fluids. This pH meter especially distinguishes the data logger function on SD card. Here, the PCE-228 offers the possibility to save the displayed value as an Excel file.

The standard pH meter of this series is the PCE-228. The meter comes with a pH electrode for liquids. The diaphragm of this electrode is equipped with a basket which protects the electrode from damage. The basic version of the PCE-228 can be used for all aqueous media. So, the pH meter can determine the pH of low viscosity fluids.

Another pH meter from this series is the PCE-228M. This meter is used to check the pH of food. The electrode is enclosed by a stainless steel blade, which helps to determine the pH of solids.

For pastes, colors and cosmetics the PCE-228P is available in this series. The special structure of the electrode is the measurement of viscous media.

So you want to find the PCE-228S in the assortment. This meter is used for measuring the pH value in soils. Here, in plant breeding, this measuring device can be used for example.

To measure the pH value of the human skin you are looking for in our range the PCE-228SF. The special electrode has a flat membrane, which allows a pH value to be determined quickly and easily.

Since the PCE-228 can measure the pH as well as the redox potential, the PCE-228-R complements this device series. Using the ORP-14 probe, the meter can measure the redox value in mV.

The instrument series of the PCE-228 pH Meter is supplemented by a wide range of accessories.

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